How to create a photo note

Tap the blue button on the main screen (if requested, grant the app access to the camera) and take a photo. If you like the photo and want to add it to your note, tap Use Photo. Tap Retake if you want to take a new photo.

How to create a text note

Tap and hold the blue button on the home screen, then select Text.

How to add a photo from the gallery to a note

To add a photo from the gallery when creating a new note, tap and hold the blue button on the home screen, then select Gallery.

If you want to add a photo to an existing note, enter note editing mode (tap the note once, and a keyboard should appear at the bottom of the screen) and tap the add a photo from the Gallery icon.

How to create a checklist note

You can add a regular text note and then select the checklist icon on the panel in note editing mode. When you add new lines, the text will be added as a checklist.

How can I add my own category?

To create a new category, open the menu to the left, tap the Settings icon in the lower righthand corner of the screen, and select Categories. Tap + in the upper righthand corner.

Users of the free version can have up to 5 categories. You can rename and delete them at your discretion.

Premium users can create unlimited categories.

The Favorites category is a system category that cannot be renamed or deleted.

How to add a note to Favorites

There are several ways to add a note to Favorites:

  • In note editing mode, select the Favorites category in the scrolling menu.

  • When viewing a note, open the menu to the right, and tap the top left Favorites icon.

  • Select the Favorites category from the menu to the left and then create a new note. A note is created in the same category by default.

How to delete a note

When viewing a note, open the menu to the right and tap the upper right Trash icon. Select Delete in the pop-up window. Notes are moved to the Trash, where they will remain for 30 days. During this time, you can restore notes, empty Trash, or permanently delete an individual note. After 30 days, notes are automatically permanently deleted.

How to add an emotion to a note

When viewing a note, open the menu to the right and select the emotion icon (one of 5 emoticons). It's convenient to assign emotions to notes from one category to add rating and ranking elements to notes and remind you what feelings you had when you created the note.

Can members of my family use FamilyNotes Premium subscription?

Unfortunately, Apple and Google do not support "Family Sharing" for in-app purchases. Follow these links to read more about the terms and conditions for Apple Family Sharing and Google Play Family Library:

You can use your FamilyNotes account across devices. Log in, enter your credentials, and you'll have access to all your notes.

Does FamilyNotes work offline?

Yes. FamilyNotes can work offline. You can create notes when your phone is offline or in Flight mode. When connected to the Internet, notes are automatically synced to cloud storage.

An Internet connection is required when creating an account, during login, and syncing notes (for example, when an Android-version user has deleted all app data).

Where are my notes stored?

All your notes and photos are stored on the Google Firebase cloud. When the Save to album option is enabled, all photos are automatically added to your mobile device's photo album.

Why should I allow the app access to my camera, albums, and contacts?

Access to the camera is required for you to take photos directly in the app interface.

Access to albums is required to save photos to albums and insert photos from albums into notes.

Access to contacts is required to add users to shared notes or folders. You can enter an e-mail address manually or add it from your contact list.

What is the Shared with me folder for?

By default, the Shared with me folder contains all shared notes that other FamilyNotes users have shared with you. You can remove yourself from the list of the shared note's users by removing your e-mail address from the list in the menu to the right.

How do I switch notes display mode?

On the home screen, tap the button in the upper righthand corner. FamilyNotes provides 2 main modes for displaying notes: list and tile.

In list mode, each note is placed across the entire available screen width. This mode displays categories that are assigned to a specific note.

In tile mode, each line contains 2 notes, and the height of each note is reduced to display more notes on the screen.

How to move a note to another folder

When viewing a note, open the menu to the right and tap Move in front of the folder name. In the pop-up window, select the folder you want to move the note to. The new folder appears in the note's menu to the right.

Can I see when a note was created or modified?

Yes, you can view both the date the note was created and info about when the note was modified in the note's menu to the right. Date created is at the top of the screen. To view information about the latest changes to the note, tap Date created, and Recent changes will appear.

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