Tips and Hints

We recommend that you add an emoji at the beginning when you create a new category, for example: 🚗Car. You can even create an emoji-only category! That makes your categories both visually appealing and functional to help you find the category you need quickly in the menu on the left.

When searching notes, you can search by text and emojis! You can add emojis to the note title or text and then quickly find all notes containing that specific emoji or set of emojis!

You can always open the lefthand side panel by tapping the Menu button in the top left, as well as "swiping right"!

Use the Information button (i) or "swipe right" to call the right side panel!

You can also change the order in which folders are displayed. Go to Settings - Folders. Tap and hold a folder, then drag it up or down on the list.

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